Ergyn Gokovi -- Editor-in-Chief



Critic -Adviser -Analyst- Historian -Senior Security Manager -Managing Director at Hoinser Magazine Leadership & History & Politics & Security


BUSINESS SECTOR : Leadership & Marketing & Security & History

EXPERTISE : International Politics, History & Security & Marketing

Mr. Gokovi contains several demanding roles that identify the strategy of cooperation through  historical basis, marketing information and promotion, socio-economic. His experience is based on the analysis of outstanding historical experiences that turn marketing goals into a dimension of success.

His integration model is all-inclusive in some very demanding roles and has collaborated with several companies and has been quite a contributor to civil society. Mr Gokovi has contributed by providing marketing, business advice and has studied all the concepts of public relations being in key roles for analytical and critical advantage in market categorization. Mr. Gokovi is a member of several national security organizations in Albania and is very active in conferences held to strengthen diplomatic relations. He has also been appointed Goodwill Ambassador at Sovereign Order of Mystic Knights of St Mary Magdalene and honorary Member & National Director for Albania at National Latino Peace Officers Association . Basic projects that develop structures against current changes in the public and private sector. 

Mr. Gokovi has provided sustainable contributions in meeting social goals and has managed several sectors of high financial security where we operate several successful companies. His progress in the advisory role has been quite demanding through international cooperation as well. Mr. Gokovi has recently been appointed Managing Director of Hoinser Magazine. His purpose and ability is to organize every professional initiative and opportunity as well as responsibilities in customer relations. Mr. Gokovi by making outstanding contributions behind the scenes of success is always innovative in his ideas and professional potential.

In his role as Ambassador and advisor, he has interacted and established several initiatives or social ideas in which he has provided strengthening of various projects implemented for radical changes in the flow of public influence on the information of national and international history. His key role in several initiatives has changed the views of many platforms by functioning through his vision and intergovernmental relations as a recognized political structure in the administration of knowledge and selective goals. His attitude and professionalism will continue with the same impact to ascertain the flow of history, criticism and innovative ideas on professional practices, leadership and marketing.

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