Denisa Gokovi -- Founder


Global Goodwill Ambassador for Art & Culture| Founder of Hoinser Magazine

International Speaker |Musician | Adviser |Writer| Philosopher

Global Goodwill Ambassador – Humanitarianism, Politics, Arts & Entertainment


BUSINESS SECTOR : Humanitarianism, Politics, Arts & Entertainment

EXPERTISE : International Politics, Arts & Entertainment, Music, and Philosophy.

Ms. Gokovi is the Global Goodwill Ambassador at the Canadian non-profit, FAAVM. She is also the Ambassador for Human Rights & Peace. Ms.  Denisa is Ambassador of Peace to Cad bridge Corporation, USA.   

Ms. Gokovi is an honoured member of the “International Royal Academy” of the United Nations, also the Ambassador of Culture and Art for the “International World Peace Committee “. She is also the Ambassador for Arts and Humanities in the “Royal Society Group” and an Ambassador for “Global Union” .

An accomplished musician and composer, Gokovi has studied piano since the age of six. She often performs live concerts and donates time performing for benefits supporting underprivileged communities and children. She also aids young artists in their professional development and training.  Ms.  Denisa was recently nominated in 2019 for the Global Humanitarian Award by the World Peace & Diplomacy Organization, Also She is Award Winner  “Creator of Greatness “ 2020 ,United Kingdom.  

She has been appointed to her role as Chairperson & Speaker for Albania in the Women's Economic Forum, India and also in the Global Ambassadors' organization of Human Rights. 

Ms. Denisa is Founder of Hoinser Magazine and Sovereign Ambassador at Sovereign Order - United Kingdom

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